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[SoTHoS] - [About Us]

Who is SoTHoS?
SoTHoS is an acronym for Sophie and Thomas: both are passionate about nature, landscapes, agriculture, and of course photography. Together they live in Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium. Sophie was born in 1983, her first discovery in photography was a traditional SLR Nikon camera.
Thomas, born in 1982, used a lot of digital compact cameras. In his free time, he also designs websites.

We annoyed us to death with the digital compactcameras which are so slow and have so little possibilities. So finally, after long thinking and comparison of different cameras, we decided in August 2008 to buy our first DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 450D.

With this excellent camera, the photographyflew really got to us and waiting for each other to get the camera was not an option anymore. So, after a very short while, a 2nd DSLR followed together with some extra lenses.
[SoTHoS] - [About Us]

On the website of DeviantArt, we started to show are pictures to a larger audience. To drive it even further, we designed this completely new site ourselves. Via the guestbook or the contact form, you can let us know all your comments and remarks.

Enjoy and have fun!